The Ultimate Guide to Etsy Marketing To Boost Sales

While there are many online marketplaces, when it comes to selling homemade merchandise, antique pieces, and arts and crafts, Etsy has the upper hand. Etsy is now the chosen website for millions of vendors because it can quickly set up and maintain an account. Etsy can be an excellent option for people looking to get their items online quickly.

In this Ultimate Guide to Etsy Marketing, we are going to take a look at some of the critical aspects required for you to boost your salesin 2021

What are the advantages of using an Etsy platform? There are several things to consider:

Advantages of selling on Etsy 

Easy to Setup 

It’s not difficult to launch an Etsy store. There’s no need to enlist the support of your friendly neighbourhood techie.

It takes only a few minutes to set up and is absolutely secure. Etsy also provides an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide.

Access to a Large Audience

Etsy now has over 60 million active buyers, and analysts expect that sales will rise in 2020. Buyers come to Etsy searching for specific handmade pieces, so you already have an audience that is interested in your items. 

You can theoretically get revenue from organic search traffic on the Etsy homepage if you list your goods on Etsy, which can supplement your outside marketing activities.

Easy tracking and analytics 

Etsy measures a number of metrics for you, so you can make data-driven decisions. 

Your dashboard will present information about your shops, such as page views, likes, visits, purchases, and sales for each item in your store, and the consumers are interested in buying items from your store. 

There’s also a guide that tells you how to use Google Analytics to track web analytics, and Etsy has its Search Analytics system that tracks the key drivers of revenue.

Now that you know about the advantages of selling on Etsy let talk about strategies and tips which small business owners need to learn if they want to stand out from their competitors and improve their 

Etsy Marketing Strategy and Tips 

The following pointers are applicable to all forms of craft businesses, so if you sell your crafted products in a physical shop or at craft fairs or choose virtual storefronts like Etsy, these pointers will help you expand your company at a low cost.

1) Use social media to promote your brand 

Today’s marketing tactics include a large amount of social media use, and strategic engagement strategies are needed to create a loyal audience. Develop accounts for your shop, at the very least on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and other social media networks if you have the ability to handle them. You can create a relationship with your consumers using social media. Interacting with followers is a common method of interaction that highlights the brand’s personability. Customers would know you value their support if you simply like and respond to their comments. These networks are also a perfect place for influencers to hear about the business and share it with their fans.

Start blogging

Even if the goods are exclusive, there would certainly be other vendors who offer similar things. How well you market your Etsy store outside of the Etsy website decides what sets the items apart. Aside from Etsy, one way to improve awareness is to launch a blog and post details about your products. 

 Another excellent suggestion is to blog on subjects that the clients care about. For example, if you market eco-friendly goods, write blog posts about how your consumers should be more eco-friendly in their everyday lives.

Execute Email Marketing Campaigns 

One of the most powerful ways to get customers to purchase the goods is by email marketing. Build a mailing list and have a perk for signing up, such as a sneak preview at the latest giveaway or a 5% discount.

Why stop at emails if you’ve already started automating? Look at other support providers that can assist you with making your life smoother.

You won’t have to send out a zillion emails every day, so don’t worry. Platforms such as MailChimp make email marketing quick by automating all of the marketing addresses.

Why stop at emails if you’ve already started automating? Look at other support providers that can assist you with making your life smoother.

Learn SEO 

Many of your future clients would discover you across the internet. It’s important to customise the Etsy shop for search engines. As a result, the store and goods will appear at the top of web searches.

Be sure you care about it, from the company’s name to your goods’ names and specifications. When writing product information, make sure to cover any part of the product (size, colour, condition, uses, delivery, and so on) to ease any consumer complaints while still pleasing the search engines. 

Keeping the shop up to date and adding new content would also enhance search results.

Be Creative with Packaging

Customers are still eager to collect their Etsy orders, and you will contribute to the joy by delivering exclusive, high-quality packaging. It will not only please your clients, but it will also demonstrate that you are competent and respect their company. 

Let the packaging stand out from the crowd with something more than boxes and envelopes. Include business cards with the package so that consumers can send them to their friends and relatives. 

Exceed the Etsy community’s reputation for innovative shoppers and vendors by using stunning and creative packaging.

Basics of SEO for Etsy Marketing 

The search tool on Etsy is designed to help consumers find what they’re looking for, and it operates in two stages: question matching and ranking. There are difficult influences, but knowing them will help you work out how to manipulate them, helping you to draw more clients to your store.

Simply placed, question matching refers to how exactly a user’s search phrase suits Etsy’s inventory listings. Etsy filters through listings’ names, tags, categories, and attributes to find the right fit when a shopper types in a search word.

Include the Category in Your Title

It’s important to be as transparent and succinct as possible when writing titles for each of your listings. You’ll be more likely to feature in search results and ahead of other items if you have the keywords that consumers are likely to search for right in the world.

Put Longtail Keywords In Titles

The more traffic a keyword gets, the shorter it is. Isn’t that a good thing? Certainly not. Using a “longtail” keyword (a sentence of three or more words that is more specific) would almost definitely result in more sales.

I’m not sure if it makes much sense.

People who use a simpler, more common keyword is often searching and have no idea what they’re looking for. They’ll still be inundated with a plethora of items to go through, putting you up against more rivalry.

People who look for a more precise keyword are more likely to shop, as there would be fewer items to sift through, which means less competition for you.

Use Focus Keywords at the Beginning of Your Listing

When it comes to being identified, the first few words in your item description are almost as critical as the first few words of your tag. From size information to shipment policies, you can provide a lot of information in an object description. 

But that should all go toward the end so that you can pack in as many descriptive terms within the first few paragraphs as possible.

Use Different Keywords for Products

Etsy uses a method known as “declumping,” in which each seller’s search results are limited to one or two products.

As a consequence, you can stop using the same primary keyword on more than a few things. If you do, you’re practically fighting with yourself for a top spot in the search results.

They are using different keyword variants with identical products to ensure that more products appear in different search results.

Use Keywords in Tags

Tags offer you yet another chance to add those specific search words. Etsy helps you to tag your pieces with up to 13 tags. 

Each character can be up to 20 characters long. So come up with as many possible search words as you can to use them in your tags. 

They can be unique to your items, such as “white printed t-shirt,” or more general, such as “women’s clothes.”

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Basics of Etsy Ads 

The placement of your goods is determined by the price you pay. Etsy Advertising is built on a cost-per-click platform, which you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. However, you do not have full control of how much you pay per click, as for other advertising channels.

You’ll instead make a regular budget. This is the amount of money you’re able to spend on advertising on every given day. When determining where to show your advertisements on Etsy, the algorithm considers your budget.

Etsy maintains an auction for all applicable marketers any time a search is done that suits your product page. Your automatic bid would be as successful as possible when keeping under your budget constraints.

Etsy, on the other hand, considers the consistency of the listings. You do not need to pay as much as sellers of lower-quality listings to be competitive in the ads auction if you have a high-quality listing of tailored data and a background of good feedback.

It’s easy to set up an Etsy ad campaign. You just need to keep in mind two factors:

Daily Budget: The most you’re able to pay for ads daily. Etsy’s algorithm will not go past this amount and will turn off ads until it is met.

The product or items you wish to market are listed in targeted listings. You have the luxury of choosing as many or as few as you choose.

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Best Tools for Etsy

As mentioned above Etsy is an effective place to sell your art. There are loads of marketing tools, add-ons and integrations that offer features and functionality above and beyond the basic Etsy setup. These are specifically designed to help you to manage and promote your Etsy shop. 

Here are some of the Etsy tools that would help you to manage and improve your shop:

Etsy Stats

Shop Stats for Etsy allows the sellers to see where your views are coming from, the most-viewed items in your shop and the keywords shoppers use to find your items in Etsy Search and other search engines.

To see your Stats:

  1. Go to, click Shop Manager.
  2. Click Stats.

From here you can check the following stats: 

  • Metric overview
  • How shoppers found you
  • Shoppers viewed your listings

To determine how your business is performing over time is important in crafting an effective business growth strategy. These stats generate personalised data illustrating how people find your shop and further engage with your listings.

Etsy mobile App

If you want to manage your shop on the go, Etsy’s mobile app is the tool for you. Some sellers prefer to use the mobile app to answer conversations and edit item photos on their phone.

For selling on an etsy app the first thing you must know is :

How to choose what to sell on the Etsy app? 

You may have few handmade items to sell that are amazing, yet you must know to limit your product offering and make it beneficial. Browse through the Etsy site and see what different merchants or sellers are offering and take a note of what you can and can’t sell.

Make it well made

Etsy customers explore good things which sell at a reasonable cost. They demand quality products that won’t break apart or miss the mark concerning their desires.

You need to convey to them that the things are developed or fabricated from the best quality material better than your rivals’ stock. 

Check Etsy’s classifications and see what different merchants are putting forth? How much are things selling for? Is selling on Etsy worth it? These are the things you need to know about sell on Etsy App.


Etsy forums is a new way to communicate with experienced Etsy sellers to discuss just about everything from marketing tips to technical troubleshooting advice. These forums make it easier to connect with new sellers, grow your creative business, and keep updated with the latest Etsy news.

In forum sellers can ask questions, share their feedback and discuss common interests in the company of community members from across the site. Here you can find the new updates from Etsy staff, including information about product releases and the latest site news.


Joining an Etsy Team, you can gain access to advice, inspiration, and growth opportunities directly from a community of sellers like you. There are thousands of Etsy Teams that connect and network over common interests and selling techniques. Such few teams are Vintage Etsy Society, SASsy Critiques, Wired and many more are there.

The teams find different ways to connect with each other, some connect members who live in the same area; others sell items in similar categories; and some groups are created around a common interest like woodworking, photography, or marketing.

Etsy Success Newsletter and the Seller Handbook

If you want to stay updated about the Etsy tools and advice for growing your business, signing up to the newsletter will help you the most. This newsletter gives you the highlights of the the latest seller tips from the Seller Handbook blog.

Etsy Search

The search bar not only helps buyers find what they’re looking for, it also helps sellers perform market research. The important factor that leads to increased sales on Etsy is for your products to get found in search bar. If you want to sell on a marketplace such as Etsy it’s worthwhile to optimize your listings for search.

Factors that affect Etsy search bar:

  • Shipping prices are a factor in Etsy search ranking: Listings with lower shipping prices will rank higher in Etsy search.
  • Etsy search doesn’t scan descriptions:  the search algorithm scans the titles, tags, and attributes on the marketplace’s listings to find a match, but it doesn’t scan the descriptions of each item.
  • “customer and marketplace experience score”: each shop on Etsy is evaluated based on its customer service record and assigned a customer and marketplace experience score.
  • Use short phrases in tags: In Etsy you get get 13 tags and you should use every single one of them. It’s hard to compete on broad keywords for which you can use a longtail keyword.
  • Add your location so that your listings come up in local searches:  Most of the customers value shopping locally and want to view shops near them, so this could help them to reach out in a faster way.


The trick to effective Etsy marketing is to pay attention to your clients and establish relationships with them. It’s all about engagement on these channels. Many information about your clients and what they want can be gathered from tweets, likes, and advertisement metrics. All you have to do now is learn to listen.

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